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About Us

Telford Computers have been repairing PC’s in and around Telford for the last 10 years, we are fully versed in fixing all types of computer including both Apple and Windows, with technicians able to visit you at home or work.

Whats Wrong with your PC

We all love our computers and we rely on them for so many of our daily tasks not to mention our work, so how can Telford Computers help you? This is a list detailing some of the more common issues that we face on a daily basis

● Operating System Upgrades inc Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC OSX we know that recently users have upgraded to Windows 10 and that Microsoft have released the new Windows 11 operating system some apps may struggle to work under the new Windows 11 envoiroment, we can help to troubleshoot the compatability

● Computer Setup and Maintenance, we can offer you a regular service schedule for your PC and to perform regular MOTs for your system

● Hardware Installation, Repair, and Replacement, if you have a system failure we can replace any Hard Drives, Ram, Power Supplys to name just a few.

● Hard Drive Data Recovery for drives that have failed or have bad sectors including flash drives and USB media we can assist with recovering valuable data such as pictures, videos and data files that you had thought lost forever and we can assist with forensic level recovery for commercial customers

● Memory – RAM Upgrades can be necessary if your workload increases and you need to boost system power for more demanding tasks

● Wireless and Wired Networking for both home and buisness, for exsisting setups or new installs

● Desktop PC Tune-up and Performance boosts or regular ‘MOT’s’

● Software Troubleshooting and Technical Support for your applications we will be your configuration Wizard

● Spyware, and Virus Removal – To search and destroy any and all threats to your system across the board

● Troubleshoot Operating System Issues (inc OSX) if you have any error codes appearing or your seeing blue screen flashes in windows.

If you have had problems like any of those listed above then please dont hesitate to contact us weather you need to bring a laptop in to us or need a technican on site to diagnose your network issues then please call

07949 719686 – Telford Computers


24 hour services including call outs Telford Computers is open 7 day a week