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Laptop Repairs

Welcome to Telford Computers – The first port of call for all of your laptop Repair and Computer repair needs, we deal with all the major brands and have dealt with all the common laptop repair issues such as: Screen repair, charger issues and virus removal. Ten plus years of experience in the industry have taught us a great deal about laptop repairs so you can rest assured we can help with any and all laptop repairs and computer repairs, at Telford Computers we have a variety of stock so please bear us in mind when looking for a new or refurbished laptop or PC.

We offer 2 options with regard to your laptop or computer repair issue:

1) Visit our premises in the heart of Wellington, Telford where we can take a good look at your system and then advise you the best course of action for fixing  your particular issue, book it in and get your machine fixed.

2) Call us up to explain the problem and we will dispatch one of our technicians to your home or place of work. There we will attempt to repair the issue unless any parts or bulky specialist tools are needed, if that is the case our Technician will take your system away so that when any required parts arrive they can be installed and bench testing can begin.

Collections are completely free within the Telford post code. If you are unable to  facilitate a Technicians visit at home or in your office/place of business our team will happily collect your system and commence repair work at our workshops.

Keeping you in the loop is a big part of every repair job at Telford Computers, after the initial diagnosis we are required to phone you to discuss your potential repair keeping you apprised of all parts needed, how long it will take and what the total cost will be. Keeping you informed means there is no unexpected bills produced at the end of your computer repair.

In short whatever your repair or inquiry we will deal with it in a professional manner keeping you advised all the way through your repair issue. You can be sure that we will produce quality results (Check our testimonials from previous customers) So regardless of weather you have had a system crash or simply require an upgrade to the more serious matters like smashed screens or liquid damage you can be sure you are in safe hands

Telford Computer and Laptop repairs provide computer sales and maintenance for home and business users alike. There is always a technician  service available when you need it and all the staff are fully qualified, totally professional and talk to you in plain English (No techno-babble unless requested of course) Tech’s are available every day including Sundays and are waiting for your call now


01952 260376 or 07876 748888 (24hrs)

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These are just some of the services offered, please call for specific problems as there are far too many error types to list and more information on repair work can be found in the Laptop repair section of the website via the main menu.

Computers break down at the most inconvenient times and we see it daily, so if your truly stuck then you can call us to determine the best course of action for you. For corruption, infection or a computer that is just inexplicably broken then Telford Computers should be your next call. Many years experience in both laptop repair and PC Repair have shown us that customer satisfaction is paramount, providing straight forward answers can prevent the same issues happening again and help your laptop repair remain one of a few instead of one of many. Laptop repairs come in many shapes and sizes, luckily we have been around for years and seen most, if not all the different types or laptop repairs and computer repairs Telford.

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Our shop in wellington has a consultation area where customers can sit to test out a potential purchase or wait on a urgent repair. Stock includes Antivirus, Internet security software and MS Windows operating systems and for anyone interested in upgrades we have a large range of RAM and Hard Drives readily available.

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Call us now on 01952 260376 (Office Hours) or 07876 748888 (out of hours)

we always aim for a 3 day turnaround MAX as we know being without your system can be a pain!

All work undertaken is completed at our workshops in Church Street, Wellington, Telford and carried out by professional technicians.