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Computer Repairs

Telford computers specialize in computer repairs Telford.

Repairs at telford computers

Repairs at telford computers

Most households use a computer of some description and here at Telford Computers we have seen all types of systems with all kinds of problems.
Your machine may have a popup problem or a hardware hangup but no matter what the problem the chances are that we have seen it before, at Telford Computers we do all the work ourselves, in Wellington using no subcontractors for any of our repair jobs.
Virus & Spyware removal
Viruses are so very common in today’s social media world and we deal with systems day in day out that have become corrupted in some way by viruses, Trojans or malware. The virus can take so many different forms which vary in effect to the end user. Should you be concerned about a new popup or message showing on your system then our advice is simple – Stop right there! do not subscribe or pay for any program claiming to have “scanned” your machine having found “Threats” that require immediate action, the truth is these are generally the part of the virus that will try and part you from your hard earned money. Situations like this are common and while being unsettling the best thing you can do is simply shut down your machine and give us a call so we can purge it from your system (We will also perform a health check automatically and at no extra cost) At the time of checking we are the only computer repairs telford that are doing that
Data Recovery Specialist
There is nothing worse than a laptop or PC crashing when you have lots of data stored on it, Maybe its documents, Maybe a video library or even those sentimental pictures that are irreplaceable, No matter what the files type just because your computer says it has gone that does not make it true, Bring your machine down to us and even if the system HAS died (Which is not always the case) it in no way means your information has also died. The workshop is fully equipped to deal with all kinds of Hard drive and memory failure.
Start up (Boot up) errors
Often known as “boot up” there is many problems connected with start up, For example you may see a message such as BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl alt + del to restart – This is a common error where the boot manager data has become corrupt, There are several solutions to the standard error and the repair time is short (Generally back to you within 2 hours)Boot and start up errors include blue screen errors (known as the blue screen of death or BSOD) These can be caused by many different things and will result in you seeing a solid blue screen with lots of writing and at the bottom an error code such as 0×000024 stop or memory dump. The same with any error codes that happen the best thing you can do is to make a note of the error code so if we carry out your laptop repairs we have something to go on from the first phone call.
One of the most inexpensive upgrades you can do is a RAM increase and it is little known that this upgrade can really boost the performannce of your machine meaning that in most cases applications will load quicker, programs will run faster and the system will run smoother in general. Every type of upgrade is available here so whether you need more storage or a CPU upgrade then your in the right place.


Laptop repairs (or PC repairs) can be collected from your home or workplace. Repairs can be completed and then delivered back to you, This service has proved very popular due to work demands and/or commitments at home.