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Sales of new and used Computers.

Computer sales or buying an extra system can be a daunting task. Weather you know much about computers or not, The most important thing is feeling comfortable with the operating system as well as liking it, For example if you have been using Windows XP for years and do not want to make the move to the later versions, Great! There is absolutely nothing wrong with XP it is still a very stable operating system and to this day we still use it for many diagnostic applications, The fact is some of us are still very much at home using it, Only the hardware (Our old computer) is slowing down due to wear and tear or age. In cases such as this a new computer will provide that speed boost and greater performance that your looking for and even though it may come bundled with new Windows 7 or 8 that would be no problem, We carry Windows XP and as part of the deal we will be more than happy to install that version for you. We like to think our computer sales are versatile and that’s why we offer “bespoke” systems tailored specially for you.

Peace of mind.
All purchases come with not only your manufacturers warranty but our own RTB warranty (Return to base) which means that should you be unhappy with the performance of your unit, Bring it back to us and we will go through the problem with you free of charge and see if we can sort it out before we need to look at the other options on your behalf.


New systems are all sold with a range of no quibble guarantees and warranties for increased peace of mind. The refurbished sales are high quality merchandise that come complete with our own warranty.